This forum is for Private Investors interested in Bushveld Minerals.  Together we can make BMN the best researched stock on AIM.


Who and what are the forums for?

This community is for Private Investors (PI's) who are interested in Bushveld Minerals.

Some good examples of subjects for discussion are:

  • How Bushveld Minerals is structured and operates,
  • its history, business plans and general investment environment.
  • Uses of Vanadium and how the Vanadium market operates, including pricing.
  • What Bushveld Energy is doing to encourage the uptake of Vanadium Flow Batteries, and how these devices work and are being deployed.
  • Anything else that may have been the subject of an Article - if you ask a question via the link at the bottom of an Article page it will automatically get permanently linked to that Article (and maybe others).

There is always a chance that your question or discussion point may have already been posed. You can search questions by their title or tags. It’s also OK to answer your own question.

Unlike some forums where a unique answer is being sought our forums operate more as a continuous community discussion - with the most recent comments being shown at the top.

Voting up or down a comment does not change the ordering, which remains purely chronological. However the most highly voted, or shared on social media, discussion threads do get pushed to top of the list of topics.

What topics should I try to avoid?

Please avoid asking questions that are too subjective and argumentative or not relevant to this community.

For example posting things such as 'Is this a good investment ?' or 'When will the Share Price reach 99p ?' are asking your colleagues in the community to make judgements that are simply impossible to make.

Furthermore posting things such as 'Why the drop ?' or 'This share is going to zero' is simply inviting yourself to be downvoted or, worse still, flagged for being unconstructive.

Specifically posting questions about other companies, especially those outside of the mining or new energy storage space is not allowed. By all means you can reference other companies, and indeed comparisons like that are very helpful but don't try and hijack the forum to advertise some other business.

You should try and ask practical, answerable questions that might have an answer or some sort of factual basis for discussion. Chatty, open-ended questions or rants about PR diminish the usefulness of this site and push more focussed discussions off the front page.

How does Karma Work?

Every new user starts with 100 Karma points.  

When a comment or question is upvoted, the user who posted them gains a Karma point. Over time these build up to serve as a rough measure of the community trust in the user. 

Various moderation tasks are gradually assigned to the users based on those points. For example you will not be able to flag a post until you have at least 150 Karma points. Moderation is handled by a group of community moderators who also have earned the right through their engagement with the site.

You should not downvote anyone just because you disagree with their point of view, only if they are commenting in a generally unhelpful or obstructive way.

Karma is used by the community to encourage and reward constructive and collaborative research approaches not to reward the most enthusiastic company supporters.

What will get my post flagged?

Flagging is a mechanism that can be used by members of the community to mark posts that appear to violate the usual rules of forum etiquette.

For example:-

  • Posting non-constructive, meaningless, one word (or short) non-sense posts.
  • Personal insults.
  • Swearing or using offensive language - there are other sites if all you want is unreconstructed banter.
  • Publishing any identifiable information about someone else. If you really have to tell the world your life-story then so be it - but it had better be interesting.
  • Non-english content, apart from brilliant bon mots or if you can provide a translation.

Flagged posts immediately become hidden from normal users so this is a very powerful mechanism which should not be repeatedly abused. By all means flag something that you think may be questionable but don't use flagging as a generalised weapon.

Flagged posts are assessed by moderators and may be reinstated or result in a confirmed flagging, which will result in the offender's Karma being significantly impacted.

What will get me instantly banned?

Any sort of behaviour of the following:

  • Posting any information about the company or private correspondence from the company that might be deemed as 'inside' information, regardless of whether it formally is or not.
  • Posting misleading information about the company or the share price which might be deemed as constituting market abuse.
  • Discussing any illegal activity.
  • Pretending to be someone who they are not.
  • Operating more than one account on this system. All logins are tracked and sock puppetry (operating multiple aliases) will result in a permanent block. 


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This community is for all those interested in Bushveld Minerals - you don't need to be a verified shareholder to post but if you are it helps to get verified so that people can see your genuine status. Read Guidelines