Trading Analysis - 6th Dec 2018


6 December 2018


A quiet day, used by Market Makers to walk the price down, despite there being more Buys than Sells. Two 100K Sells prior to 10am and then a 50K at a quarter to 11 did the (very limited) damage. 


The following trade reports, all delayed, and all showing as apparent Sells, are all actually Buys, and have propelled the Ask back up to 42.5p and the nett trading position to greater than 500K more Buys than Sells.

The trades at 12:45 and 12:46 are particularly interested as they are clearly £60K and £50K in size - but they are also interesting as they are clearly above the advertised Ask. Whilst technically legal this clearly goes against the spirit of a transparent market. Whilst the afternoon trades were only delayed for one hour the 200K at 11:48 was delayed by an arbitrary 2 hours, and consequently also appears as an apparent Sell. Again where is the transparency for genuine investors ?

End of Day

The rally after 1pm continued up until 4pm , with a total of 3x 250K Sells needing to be used to try and bring the nett trades back to some kind of balance in the afternoon period. These were insufficient to achieve this, with the day ending yet again with more Buys than Sells - this time with approximately 400K more - all good consolidation as shares move from those who don't want them to those that do.

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