Trading Analysis - 3rd Jan 2019


3 January 2019

End of Day

Once again we see determined buying - with Buys outnumbering Sells from 10AM onwards.

There was what looks like a bit of an attempted short at 9:36AM - 1x 20K, 1x30K, 3x50K Sells all within the space of 2 minutes. Congratulation - you just handed £80K of shares to Market Makers at some of the lowest prices today. Still that was not enough to meet Buying demand, which at the end of the day exceed Sells by almost 1M shares.

A number of large 100K Buys came in after 12 noon, taking advantage of the 40p price point, and a 346K Buy at 2:15PM pushed the Ask up for an hour and half. A tight spread 120K Bed and Breakfast trade at 3:40pm and then the SP was walked down again.

It seems the game is clear. MMs are trying to sell 1 Million shares a day. Either you buy now and get your shares, or you hold on in the hope that they don't run out or dramatic news arrives before you can get in. Why gamble on such a great share ?

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