Trading Analysis - 2nd Jan 2019


2 January 2019

End of Day

Following Friday's SP appreciation we have another rise of a similar amount today. Both Strong initial buying and a post 1-pm surge led to around 1.5M more Buys than Sells today.

Interesting there were no Sells above 50K in size before 1pm - between 1:02 pm and 1:04 pm, however, there were 4 sells of 50K or more (1 of 50K precisely, the others just over 50K - £20K value - pattern what pattern ?  #innocentface). Despite this apparent attempt to hold the price back they were unable to and the price surged up through 40p with barely a glance over the shoulder.

A couple of larger Sells (2x 100K) did appear in the last 10 minutes of trading - perhaps day traders selling down, but this did not occur until 41p was on offer, and having missed the earlier exit point at 41.6p they may have felt that it was worth escaping with their couple of percent profit.

Trading finished with more than 2.9M Buys versus 1.55M Sells - Buys outpacing Sells by a factor of 2 to 1. Given this buying pressure, and the previous appreciations, who would bet against seeing similar behaviour tomorrow.

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