Trading Analysis - 28th Sept 2018


28 September 2018


Not a single delayed trade reported yet. 800,000 more shares bought than sold. There appear to be virtually no sells for the MMs to make hay out of this morning. Yesterday's 'Project Misinformation' may not work today.



A few delayed trades reported now - but little impact on the overall balance of trades. Two trades around 10:30 - a sell of 240K followed just over 2 minutes later by a Buy of 250K though neither were reported in real time. Does this imply these were handled by a single market maker that is essentially running its own hidden market ?


End of Day

Zero delayed trades reported after trading finished. Looks like the Market Makers may be a little annoyed about having their games published on the front page. Multiple anomalies now for the day - why did the price paid for shares rise from 30.075p  to 30.25p immediately after a 250K Sell at 9:20:52 ? Why did the price paid for shares, and bid and ask drop at 1:40pm ? There are clearly trades that are being deliberately delayed on a day when the SP is almost entirely flat.

Once the true trading picture for this day is reported I shall update the accumulated nett trading charts, there is little point in doing so before we are given a fair log of trades.

The reason for such obfuscation ? I believe it is a holding tactic designed to shake out holders of shares that have bought in the last 2 weeks. The assumption is that these buyers will be weak because they have clearly made significant gains in that time. It is an assumption that pays no credit to the company fundamentals.


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