Trading Analysis - 20th Sept 2018


21 September 2018

End of Day

The full day chart is shown here:-


Generally there is clear separation of trades so attribution is straightforward (no Bed & Breakfast/ISA's observed either) - at least until around 3pm when we see some large trades (1x 500K reported on time, then 2x 500K reported late, all marked in green) - and there is a brief tightening as the detail below shows:

Only two green markers are visible because, guess what, two of the three 500Ks are actually a duplicate pair - the first trade at 26.00p. I rate the chances at evens that the second trade also turns out to be a duplicate pair. 

Just over an hour later there is also another large Sell - this time of 1M shares, also reported late. No evidence of a pair yet, but we will see.

Thus on the 20th we have seen 0.5M confirmed in duplicate pairs, plus another 1.5M that are candidates for duplicates (also another 2x500K in this category for the previous day that were only just reported on the 20th.)

So far this week we therefore have 3.35M confirmed duplicate pairs. 2.5M of potential duplicate pairs in the last two days and 1.6M of 'corrective' type sells from Monday.

Whether all these can be ascribed to warrants, or a combination of warrants and shareholder Sells may become more apparent in the next few days.

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