Trading Analysis - 16th Jan 2019


16 January 2019

End of Day

Relatively quiet, like yesterday. No Bed & ISA's today - nothing is fixed to the Bid line and trade balance is close to neutrality.

Well, until 3:18PM that is... when there is a sequence of trades at 41.5p, a long way above the actual Buy price that the board monitored at the time - there's trades of 70K, 70K, 20K, 22.244K, 20K, 20K.

Hang on what is 22.244K doing in there, that seems strange ? Even stranger when you spot that this was also the exact size of the 41.5p trade that preceded this tight sequence, but back at 14:39:03. Very curious - it is almost as if all the 41.5p trades are paired up - almost but not quite, we've only got 3x 20K showing at present.

If these trades are genuine buys then that leaves today with a nett excess of around 450K Buys today - roughly in line with the 550K average measured since the start of this year.

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