Trading Analysis - 13th Nov 2018


13 November 2018

End of Day

Huge trading today - 20% more trades than yesterday, which itself was a record and which was 20% more trades than the record before that.

There are a lot of large trades reported after hours, all highlighted green in the charts above and below:-

Do these tell the story ? In order to find out you need to look in much greater detail at the trading, thus we expand the top chart as the 3 charts below:-

The middle chart is revealing - specifically the region around 11am - it seems that not all the large trades are sells - in fact there is a pair of 250K and 500K Buys that follow soon after the dip at 10:50. This dip was caused by a series of 5x £50K Sells (around 111,000 shares each) which appeared to trigger a large Sell (highlighted) of 268,198 at 44.90p. 

Following soon on the tail of this are the 250K and 500K Buys - it appears that the 268K Sell might have been a stop loss that was triggered by the 45.80->45.0 drop in advertised Bid. It also appears that there is someone following on behind the share price, hoovering up shares on any downwards deviations. This may be a trader, or someone building a long term position - it is impossible to tell just from this observation.

At the end of the day there appears to be an excess of Buys of more than 1Million - I am fully expecting to see a number of large delayed Sells of blocks of warranted shares reported as sold into the market today and yesterday - however we may have to wait until thursday for this information.

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