Trading Analysis - 11th Sept 2018


11 September 2018


To be updated during the day - keep checking back as announcements might not be made via LSE/Twitter. The Current trading analysis is shown below


No further delayed trades from yesterday have been reported yet whilst two delayed trades this morning have been revealed (180K and 144,563).

There was an opening UT trade of 52K at 19.75p which resulted from two 50K offers somewhat below the previous days end trading position (19.5p and 19.75p). The remaining 48K that would be expected to remain from the 19.75p 50K block has not reappeared in either the 9am or 11am auctions - thus it does not look like a genuine attempt to sell shares, but rather a a double-headed attempt to get a underpriced UT trade at the start of market trading.



2pm auction - still no evidence of any 48K block of shares being offered for sale from the 19.75p tranche offered up in the opening auction - that one definitely looks like a non-genuine trade.

The delayed trade of 218,244  just before 11am clearly looks very strange - whilst there appears to be a slight dropping of the price to buy shares just after that you do wonder if this trade will be reversed later on and a different price suddenly applied. Should this turn out to actually be a Buy then serious questions about manipulated reporting may need to be asked.

End of Day

Like the previous day the trading position moved up in the afternoon despite a further delayed sell of 200K just after 3PM, when the excess of Buys went over 300K. This 200K Sell seems remarkably well timed to be able to knock back the SP just at the point that it looked like the Ask was going to have to move up. Yet again there was a last half hour delayed sell (150K) but despite this the nett position at the end of trading ended at +139,000 more Buys than Sells.

The end day auction yielded a UT trade of 15,781 at 19.5p which slightly flatters. I don't think it is intended to deceive though as the trade of that size had been consistently present at all auctions during the day.

There were no further delayed trades reported for yesterday or the previous week so the accumulated Nett trade position for the Market Makers becomes:

5th Sept : + 1.1M more Buys than Sells

6th Sept: + 0.12M more Buys than Sells

7th Sept : - 0.12M more Buys than Sells

10th Sept : + 1.56M more Buys than Sells

11th Sept : + 0.14M more Buys than Sells

Total 2.8M more Buys than Sells


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