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29 June 2017

The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery playlist, from June 2012, with videos in order of the most recently published first. The comments beneath each video show some useful jumping in points, the time is given [m:ss] and the speaker is shown in parentheses. If you subscribe to updates here you can get a notification each time a new video is added.

Mar 27, 2017

[1:35] (Lorenzo Grande) ‘there’s a Japanese company called Sumitomo Electric which claims to have already installed 104 Megawatt hours worth of flow batteries worldwide’

[1:52] (Lorenzo Grande) ‘in the US there’s a very interesting company to follow called UET – they are a subsidiary of a chinese company called Rongke Power … UET and in particular Rongke Power are involved in currently the largest battery under construction, in the whole world, which is located in Dalian peninsula in China – and this battery will have a peak power of 200MW and a rated capacity, and energy of 800MW.h – so a small power plant’

[5:10] (Lorenzo Grande) ‘most of the companies that develop stationary lithium-ion systems are doing this because it’s a way to create the industry that one day will lead to widespread electric vehicles’

Oct 11, 2016

[1:40] (FM) ‘the last point I’d mention about Vanadium is that we have a unique position in the supply side – with a huge resource base, a low cost high-quality primary resource base in South Africa, which positions us better than anyone else in the world in our view’

[2:10] (Mikhail Nikomarov) ‘in large scale energy storage, right now it’s Lead-acid or Lithium ion – both of those are solid state technologies – some of the challenges there is they don’t last very long and the more you use them the quicker they degrade … and they’re great for power applications – the number of watts you want, they’re not great for energy applications – which is how many hours do you want of those watts.’

[2:50] (MN) ‘… so if you’re building a project – your solar power generation, your wind, that’s a 20-year asset – you want to partner that with a 20-year battery.’

[6:32] (FM) ‘the hurdles to the successful deployment of Vanadium flow batteries … have been the supply, concerns about the security of supply of vanadium, and also the cost input of Vanadium – Vanadium makes up as much as 35% on average of the cost of a Vanadium flow battery system.

Dec 13, 2016

[1:38] (Tom Tipple) ‘South Africa has had great power for years, its faltering a little bit right now, so we’re coming in there, essentially providing grid firming’

[3:00] (Tom Tipple) ‘there’s a ratio of about 8 to 1 between the peak price, and the off peak price (for electricity) – so here’s a great opportunity for arbitraging’

[6:40] (Tom Tipple) ‘we’re looking at participating in the secondary control reserve market – the SCR market … the right technology for the primary market is probably a lithium play because the requirement is for a short duration, probably up to a maximum of 15 minutes … the secondary control market requires a 4 hour capacity duration, so it fits nicely into that Vanadium Redox space – you have to have a minimum of 10 Megawatts … 40 Megawatt hours storage’

[7:50] (Tom Tipple) ‘from a technology point of view you have to be able to instantly change, up to every 15 minutes, absolutely instantly, within 15 milliseconds, from a charge to discharge … which is no problem’

Jun 25, 2012

A good basic introduction to the structure of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery – though the function of the semi-permeable membrane between the two cells stacks – to pass Hydrogen ions, protons, is not explained. See our articles for a deeper explanation of the electrochemistry of a VRFB and the numbers for a VRFB – to find out how much Vanadium, how much electrolyte and how much it might cost.

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