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2 January 2018



STINA Announces Purchase of Assets of Battery Manufacturer Gildemeister GMBH

Stina Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce that, further to its news release of November 3, 2017, it has entered into an amending agreement with the Austrian liquidator with respect to the purchase of the assets of Austrian based Gildemeister Energy Storage GMBH....

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5 Feb 2018

Newsfile Corp


World’s largest battery is being built in Vanadium

U.S. energy storage increases 46% In 3rd quarter. Hawaii, California, Massachusetts aim to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2045. Global storage market to double six times by 2030 to a total of 305 GWh. China reportedly started construction of world’s biggest 800 MWh battery (equivalent of 16,000 Tesla model 3 batteries), and it’s made in vanadium...

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3 Jan 2018

Hard Assets

John Lee



VRFB appointment as China looks to ESS to meet aggressive renewables target

Vanadium redox flow battery firm Pu Neng announced on December 5 it had appointed John Wang as chief executive

Robert Friedland, chairman of Pu Neng, said: “China has set aggressive growth targets for the renewable energy sector to dramatically reduce air emissions. To integrate renewables into the grid, China recognizes the need for energy storage and has just announced a new policy for storage that includes 100MW -class vanadium flow battery projects as part of the solution.

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7 Dec 2017

Energy Storage Journal

Jade Beevor


Flood of announcements from flow battery makers

Over the past couple of weeks, various flow battery makers have touted new sales and supply chain agreements as the fledgling sector fights for a share of the stationary energy storage market...

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22 Nov 2017

Energy Storage News

Andy Colthorpe


Bushveld Energy and Partners Deploy Eskom's First Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Bushveld Minerals Limited (AIM: BMN), a mineral project development company with a portfolio of vanadium and coal assets in Southern Africa and an investment in tin, is pleased to announce that its 84%-owned energy subsidiary, Bushveld Energy Limited ("Bushveld Energy") has confirmed its first vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) deployment in South Africa...

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21 Nov 2017

Bushveld Energy


Pu Neng Wins Contract for the Largest Vanadium Flow Battery in China

as the China National Development and Reform Commission Initiates a Major Push for Energy Storage in Support of Renewable Energy

Vanadium redox (flow) battery (VRB®) systems are poised to transform the largest utility grid in the world with low-cost, long-life performance in support of significant growth in solar and wind energy...

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1 Nov 2017

Pu Neng Energy


China Central Government Energy Storage Policy Encourages Use of Large Vanadium Flow Batteries

Sparton Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SRI) ("Sparton" or the "Company") is pleased to report that that the Chinese Central Government has recognized battery technology as the key technology in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The focus includes 100MW-grade, vanadium redox flow battery energy storage stations...

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25 Oct 2017

Market Wired

Sparton Resources


Let’s Get Bankable: Vionx Secures Insurance Product for Its Flow Batteries

The product adds a bigger balance sheet to the performance guarantee, potentially de-risking investments in vanadium redox flow batteries.

Flow battery maker Vionx took a step toward easier sales by releasing an insurance product for its technology. ....

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8 Aug 2017

Greentech Media

Julian Spector


Grid-Scale Vanadium Flow Energy Storage System to be Installed at NELHA

UET’s modular ReFlexTM energy storage system (ESS) is planned to be in operation at the NELHA Gateway Center early next year. The ESS utilizes advanced vanadium flow battery technology and was developed by DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Vanadium flow batteries have a longer life cycle than common lead acid or lithium-ion batteries...

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21 Jun 2017

UET Technologies


Washington state’s new 8 megawatt-hour flow battery is the largest of its kind

Chemistry honed in a national lab powers largest flow battery in North America.

A company called UniEnergy Technologies (UET) has installed a new large flow battery on the grid in Snohomish County in Washington state....

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4 Jun 2017

ARS Technica

Megan Geuss



200MW/800MWh Energy Storage Station to be Built with RONGKE POWER’s Vanadium Flow Battery

DALIAN, CHINA — The China National Energy Administration has approved the world’s largest energy storage station to be built in Dalian, China. Rongke Power will supply its Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFB’s) for the 200-Megawatt, 800-Megawatt-hour (200MW/ 800MWh) station....

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30 May  2016

UniEnergy Technologies

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