2017 Delivery Report


15 February 2018

We have confirmed figures now for the past eight months of deliveries to the USA since the Vametco completion on the 6th of April 2017. We would like to align our data in line with the Company’s change of accounting date for ease of reference.

Over the eight months a total of 63 containers were delivered, 51 loaded in Durban and 12 in Cape Town. The average container load for this period is 19,388Kg.

Based on the transport logistics the choice of loading port would likely be the level of production against customer orders aligned with the vessel schedules. The distance from Vametco to Cape Town is 1500Km with a driving time of 15 to 20 hours.  The distance from Vametco to Durban is 660Km with a driving time of 7 to 10 hours.  The obvious option would therefore be to send the product to Durban; this is borne out by the container distribution quoted above. It is noted that some vessels have loaded in both Durban and Cape Town during production downtime.

Our yearend total stands at 1,221,431 Kg, an average of 152,679 Kg per month.

Whilst this report was in development we have seen the 1-2-1 Presentation by BMN at Cape Town which has offered more detailed data as below.

The Company figure for world sales was declared as 2721 MT and is clearly divided into 6 geographical areas with a distribution as follows.

1415 MT
490 MT
435 MT
190 MT
109 MT
82 MT

It is clear that we have captured the full inventory of cargo to the USA in our TBP spreadsheet and that through discussions on the boards we have been close in our financial estimates for the year for that portion of sales.

The ongoing challenge now is to discover the trading routes or customs information that will enhance our tracking of the remaining 48% of sales.

As with all of the TBP projects any suggestions or results from the great researchers we have out there would be gratefully received. Please make use of the wide range of forums available or pass suggestions to editorial @ thebushveldperspective . com.

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